About us

Jacqui’s passion is food.

She grew up in a home where her mother Claire cooked the artisan way - no preservatives. Jacqui and her mom would go to different stores where the freshest produce, meats and cheeses were available.

Being the youngest in her family Jacqui stayed home and cooked with her mom. She brings you the same cooking now with her love of feeding her family and guests.

Jacqui’s guests have become her family. She cooks her AMAZING food from scratch with the highest quality ingredients - Organic, Non GMO, Natural, Cold / Expeller Pressed Oils, Grass Fed Meats & Free Range Poultry.

Only Wild Caught Shrimp, Cage Free Organic Eggs, Raw Cane Sugar for Jacqui’s famous cookies – No Fructose Corn Syrup or Hydrogenated Oils in Anything -

The Amazing way!